Short Grain Brown Rice

Brown short grain

The ultimate most nutritious way to cook brown rice.

Rinse brown rice to get rid of dust and impurities.

Soak overnight for about 20 hours for germination to start.  Witch makes for more complete amino acids to be available for the body’s absorbtion.

If you do this method witch you should as often as possible, the water rice ratio needs to be reduced by 20% water.  Because that is roughly how much water got absorbed by the grain.  A minimum of 8 hours will also be sufficient, if you do not have the time.

Basic brown rice

Pressure cooker

1 cup of rice

1 ½  cup of water

1 stamp size piece of kombu

Total cooking time 40 minutes

1 – Rinse rice to remove all the dust

2 – let it soak for 20 hours, rinse

3 – Place in pressure cooker on top of piece of kombu, cover with water.  Bring under pressure with high heat, takes about 6-7 minutes and turn down to two bars on the pressure reader, or very low flame. Take off heat after 40 min, let rest for 15 min until pressure comes down naturally.

If using a normal pot and lid. 

1 cup of rice

3  cups of water

1 stamp size piece of kombu

Total cooking time 45 minutes

After soaking rinse rice and place in pot with stamp size piece of Kombu.

Add water.  Bring to a boil and reduce heat immediately  to a very,  soft simmer.  Make sure not to lift the lid as steam will escape.

Take of heat and let it stand for 10 min without lifting lid.  Stir through before serving,

More or less water can be used depending on preference.