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Salad press (1.6 liter)

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Pressed salad is a dish indicated for promoting flexibility in the circulatory systems. It is a simple way to include raw and refreshing vegetables in our diet is by preparing them pressed.

Pressed salad is widely used in macrobiotics it can be prepared with almost any kind of vegetable. Pressed salad offers many health benefits:

It is much more digestible than raw salad, since the effect of Salting and pressing have the effect of "cooking" the vegetables and helps to break down some of the hard to digest fibers in the sense of making them more digestible, but preserves the active living enzymes.

When we press the vegetables with salt, we help them eliminate the liquid they contain, and this is especially interesting for people who suffer from water retention and swelling. While pressing the vegetables a fermentation process starts, and the effects of this process is very interesting for our digestive system:

A pre-digestion process starts, that will facilitate the assimilation of food. Like any fermented food, it provides beneficial bacteria to our intestinal flora.