Amazake (330ml)

Amazake (330ml)

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Weight: 330ml jar

Amazake is a traditional Japanese beverage and is made from fermented rice. It is sweet, delicious and full of nutrients. Amazake can be used as a dessert, snack, natural sweetening agent, baby food, salad dressing or smoothie. Amazake is the perfect food for people suffering from poor digestion, since it is pre-digested by the traditional fermentation process. It is also considered an excellent food for young children. Like miso, amazake has an abundance of active enzymes that pre-digest proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates into simple amino acids, fatty acids, and simple sweet sugars.

Amazake contains about 50 percent simple sugars and 50 percent complex carbohydrates, so it provides quick but long-lasting energy.

Some benefits of Amazake:
1. Make your skin and hair glow
2. Boost metabolism and help LOSE WEIGHT
3. Keep you regular
4. Recover from fatigue and stress

Ingredients: Brown rice, Koji, Water

Keep refrigerated after opening. Use within 5 days after opening.