By studying diet and food intensively, I know Miso to be the most important and pivotal food for the Japanese people. Miso is a traditional food inherited by not only particular environment and climate surrounding in Japan, but also the actual constitution of the Japanese people. Boiled soybean is a bit difficult to digest. However, soybean becomes easy to digest by the fermentation in the form of miso, tofu or shoyu.

“Even if you start eating Miso, it does not work so quickly like cortical hormone or antibacterial agent. If you eat Miso soup every day, you will have a constitution which cannot be beaten by illness, and which can work as medicine easily without realizing.” (quoted by dr. Tatsuichiro Akidzuki, medical director of St. Francis Hospital in Nagasaki.)

For Chinese medicine, medicine is separated as 3 types, upper medicine, middle medicine and lower medicine. If you take lower medicine, it can work very quickly, however it has side effect. If you take middle medicine, it can work, however, if you take it continuously, it will harm you. If you take upper medicine, it can improve your health, and it has no side effect even if you take it for long time. Therefore, we consider Miso as an upper medicine.( The yellow emperors classic on eternal medicine; Nei Ching)

MISO Nutrient % Daily Value

  • Tryptophane 9.3%
  • Manganese 7.5%
  • Vitamin K 6.3%
  • Protein 4 %
  • Fiber 3.7 %
  • Copper 3.5 %
  • Omega 3 fats 3.3%
  • Zinc 2.9 %
  • Choline 2.9%
  • Calories (34) 1%

In addition to conventional antioxidants like the minerals zinc and manganese, miso is now known to contain phytonutrient antioxidants including phenolic acids like ferulic, coumaric, syringic, vanillic, and kojic acid. Particularly interesting are new additions to the list of miso, antioxidants that are related to its fermentation. In several recent studies, the amount of some specific antioxidants in miso appears to increase when fermentation is carried out for a longer period of time.

Miso as a health protector 

Using miso regularly is the best health insurance you can have.

It protects against the daily radiation of electro magnetic waves we exposed to daily, with Cellphones, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Computers, Nuclear plants.

Much more than a proverbial ‘apple a day’. Without a doubt, miso is a culinary treasure. The world’s most medicinal everyday food. In some parts of China and Japan drinking miso soup every day is still associated with a long,  healthy life.

Starting the day with miso soup is said to alkalise the body and help neutralise the acidity caused by the over consumption of acid forming foods.

Mika Zorgman

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