Amazake is produced by combining cooked whole grain brown rice with koji spores, and fermenting it for several hours.


Fermented foods like amazake might benefit your stomach if you don’t digest food well.

The enzymes in amaze helps break down fats, complex carbohydrates and proteins for your body to use. It also helps to eliminate toxins.

Brown rice retains the bran and germ of the rice with contains B- complex vitamins, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin E and fiber.  

Brown rice also serves as a good source of iron, zinc, potassium,calsuim, manganese and magnesium.


Amazake contains about 50% complex sugars and 50% simple sugars, so it provides a quick long lasting energy witch makes a dairy free alternative for a sports drink before and after excessive.

The amino-acids readily available from the fermentation process adds quick digestive proteins.


It is normally consumes as a drink, mixed with fresh fruit or diluted with hot water as a comforting winter warmer. 

Is an excellent nourishing baby food.  Can be used to add sweetness and creaminess in making of desserts, pancakes, and waffles.



AmazakRaspberry Smoothie 


50 ml Amazaki (3 Tbsp)

12 Raspberries

 50ml water or any nut milk of choice  


Place everything in blender and blend till smooth .


Variations: any mixture of local seasonal fruit.