Most important foods for our well-being

Tabu is a company dedicated to manufacture and provide, high quality, whole food, plant-based and imported Japanese macrobiotic products. We use locally sourced organic non-gmo products and produce natural fare daily. 
Macrobiotic principles are strictly adhered to in the manufacturing of high quality plant-based products to ensure a perfect balance between Yin and Yang, and are needed for a balanced, alkaline diet.
We are organic certified.

Short Grain Brown Rice


Brown short grain The ultimate most nutritious way to cook brown rice. Rinse brown rice to get rid of dust and impurities. Soak overnight for about 20 hours for germination to start.  Witch makes for more complete amino acids to be available for the body’s absorbtion. If you do this method witch you should as […]

Fermented Foods


Our Paleolithic ancestors had plenty of opportunity for the consumption of food products, honey fruits berries and their juices that had been unknowingly subjected to natural microbial fermentation. Without knowledge of microbes, our ancestors recognized, over time, the palatability, preservative, analgesic and mentally stimulating or sedating qualities of fermented foods and beverages.  Thus, the stage […]

Amazake Matcha Smoothie


  INGREDIENTS 125 ml Amazake 5 ml Matcha Tea Ice Place all ingredients in Blender and blend till smooth. Variations: You can add Almond milk.  



BENEFITS OF JAPANESE FOOD PRODUCTS NATTO (Japanese food) Made from soy beans fermented with Bacillus subtilis (good bacteria). Cleanses the gut. Benefits: Vitamin K2, more than 200% than other products Contains Zinc and calcium High in iron, protein, vitamin c Good for digestion Has probiotics – same has yoghurt Good for weight loss Good for […]




All grains contain phytic acid (an organic acid in which phosphorous is bound) in the outer layer or bran. Phytic acid can combine with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron especially zinc in the intestinal track and block their absorption. This is why a diet high in unfermented whole grains may lead to serious mineral deficiencies and […]


Natto – A Japanese Delicacy


Article by: Roland Hoesslin Natto is a wonder food, a superfood.  It is a Japanese delicacy particularly favoured by the residents of Tokyo and the mid-eastern region of Japan.  Natto is made from soya beans, first cooked and then fermented, resulting in a slimy, smelly and strongly flavoured food which can be eaten with rice, […]




The art of culturing our food with lactic acid bacteria has been around for generations. And yet, we have forgotten about all that goodness that is in a jar of homemade sauerkraut or fermented dill and vegetable pickles. Fermentation is found throughout human cultures.  Medical and scientific studies confirm what our ancestors had always known: […]

Net gain of Food


The body gets its energy through food by way of nutrients. The more energy the body must expend to digest, assimilate, and utilize the nutrients in the food we give it, the less energy we are left with. Unfortunately most food in the modern western diet require almost ass much energy to assimilate as they […]


Umebushi Plum


Ume (Prunus mume) is a fruit that’s been commonly referred to as a plum but actually is a species of apricot. There’s evidence of the Ume (originally called Ubai) having been used as a traditional medicine in China 2,000 years ago, as a dried smoked fruit. However, when the Japanese discovered the ume, they modified […]



The digestive track starts at the mouth and ends with the anus. We know to chew our food well and that this simple act helps digestion. The litre or more of saliva that our mouths produce every day also aids digestion. 
Chewing food well and allowing it to be coated with saliva can make it more […]