Organic plant based
  & Macrobiotic food.

Tabu is a company dedicated to manufacture and provide, high quality, whole food, plant-based and imported Japanese macrobiotic products. We use locally sourced organic non-gmo products and produce natural fare daily.

Macrobiotic products

Macrobiotic principles are strictly adhered to in the manufacturing of high quality plant-based products to ensure a perfect balance between Yin and Yang, and are needed for a balanced, alkaline diet.

We are organic certified.

Tabu also offers Macrobiotic consultations, counseling and seminars which are based on the age-old principles of the Macrobiotic Diet as developed by George Osawa.

We are based in Pretoria and Cape Town, however we deliver right across South Africa. Please contact us if you would like to stock our products in your shop/restaurant

About the chef

TabuFood was started in 2014 by Anita van Wyk and Mika Zorgman,

Mika has been working as a chef for 26 years. For the past 17 years she has been researching and studying food and nutrition extensively.

“I stumbled upon Macrobiotics about 15 years ago. A skeptic at first, I soon discovered on my Macrobiotic journey that good health lies not with good food alone; but with every aspect of how one lives your life. Utterly and irrevocably convinced, I changed my direction to a whole-plant-based diet. Ever since, I have been promoting this incredibly delicious and healing way of eating to every person I cook for, and to the brave ones that cook for me!”

Contact information


Anita Van Wyk


Mika Zorgman

Our incredible team are here for you


Anita Van Wyk

"Anita is doing the logistics and customer care at TabuFood, that means she is the heart beat of the company, and a direct influence on all the success we achieved so far."

Mika Zorgman

"Mika has been working as a chef for 26 years. For the past 17 years she has been researching and studying food and nutrition extensively."


TabuHouse Manager
Clopetra was born in Zimbabwe and immegrated to South Africa in 2006 at the age of 20. Cleo is a determined, and hard working member of our team with her eyes on the future. Cleo is in charge of Cape Town distribution and marketing.


"Loyed is TabuFood’s gentle Zambian giant. He has been working as a Chef since 2001 in various resorts and hotels in Africa, and came to South Africa in 2010. Loyed joined TabuFood in 2017 and is the expert in Tempeh making and Tempeh products."


Logistics Manager
"Mary is originally from Lesotho. A perfectionist by nature, makes for a natural choice to leave her in charge of the packaging and production. She is also passionately involved with all aspects of TabuFood. The quality of her Amazaki and Natto stays unbeatable."


Admin Assistant
"Mellisa is our administrative lady and we will be lost with out her organizational skills"
"My 3 year old daughter loves Mugi Miso and there is not a morning we pass not having our daily cup of Miso!"
Heinrich Nell
"TabuFood is definitely a brand with products that will change your life!"